The white turtleneck is arguably the hero of our closet. Timeless, unassuming and versatile, you probably already have one in your closet. If you don’t – now’s the time.

With warmer weather on the way, here are our favourite white turtleneck outfits to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring.

1) Layered Under a Spring Dress

Try a black spaghetti or wide strap dress, or even a lace trimmed slip for a dainty spin.

Emma Roberts White Turtleneck Under Dress

Emma Roberts Image from Pinterest

2) Under a Jumpsuit

A fabulous way to wear your spring or summer jumpsuits on a cooler day.

3) Layered Under a Button-Up Shirt

Layer your favourite short-sleeve or long sleeve button up over your trusty turtleneck for a laidback look.

White Turtleneck Under Buttoned Shirt

Image from

4) With a Blazer

Keep it polished with a white turtleneck under a business blazer or checkered suit jacket.

5) Tucked Into Professional Pants 

A timeless look with minimal effort. Pair with your favourite dress pants to give them the attention they deserve, and layer with a necklace to bring a bit of sparkle.

Lady Gaga White Turtleneck

Lady Gaga Image From Harper’s Bazaar

6) Tucked Into a Mini Skirt

Plaid, leather, floral – the beauty of this outfit is that any skirt style you choose will look amazing.

7) Under a Flowy Wrap

Layering a wrap with your turtleneck adds a sophisticated feel to a bohemian look.

Don’t have a white turtleneck in your possession? Here are some top rated options:

Everlane – The Organic Cotton Turtleneck – $43

Everlane Turtleneck

Shein – Form-Fitting Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top – $11

Shein White Turtleneck

Twik – Organic Cotton Basic Turtleneck T-Shirt – $19.99

Simons Twik White Turtleneck