In our last article, we went through the buttoning rules for men’s suits and blazers. You can read that article here. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the ladies!

In general for men, the top button should be done up, and bottom button should be undone – when standing. When sitting, all buttons should be undone.

When it comes to buttoning blazers and suit jackets for women, the rules aren’t quite so simple (but they are also not as strict!). Here’s the general rule of thumb:

One Button:

Depending on the design of the jacket, you could keep the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned. If the jacket bunches in a strange way when buttoned, chances are, (1) the fit is wrong for you, OR (2) the cut is designed for the jacket to be worn unbuttoned.


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Usually, it is more appropriate to wear the jacket buttoned up when in a professional setting.

Two Buttons:

Either button just the top button, or button both buttons! When you sit, you could undo the buttons for more freedom of movement and less stress on the fabric. You could also keep the buttons done up even when sitting, as long as it fits properly and doesn’t scrunch up your outfit.


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Three buttons:

Depending on what allows the jacket to fit you best, you can button just the middle button, just the top two buttons, or even all three buttons! Oh, the choices!

Other Tips:

Another thing to keep in mind: as blazers are often more casual and not part of a suit set, they are more likely meant to be worn unbuttoned (as opposed to suit jackets).

While the buttoning rules for women seem to be clear as mud, remember that the proper fit and confidence are the key to pulling your entire look together.

How do you like to button your jackets? Add your input to our comment section!