Oh, the maxi dress. One of our favorites that won’t be going away anytime soon. Flowy, effortless, and pretty darn comfy, it’s the perfect choice for a breezy day, wedding, or even the office (we’ll show you how to make that work).

But as the weather starts to cool, or if the AC is going full blast, sometimes you need something to hug those bare arms. One of the challenges of the maxi is pairing it with the perfect choice of outerwear: how to avoid looking like a frumpy mess? Have no fear, Jacket.com is here! Here are our top choices:

Denim Jacket

It’s safe to say that this pairing is the most popular choice. Denim jackets match just about anything, and the maxi dress is no exception. Wearing denim with your maxi dress pulls together a casual look that feels just about right.

Photo: zuzkalight.com


Try a cropped blazer that tapers at the waist to give your look even more dimension. Blazers can dress up your maxi and take you from the beach to the office.

Photo: REX

Cropped Moto Jacket

The queen of cool, the moto jacket can do no wrong. The combination of a bohemian, carefree maxi dress and a fitted, badass moto jacket creates contrast that we adore.

Photo: devonrachel.com

Funky Coat

The temptation to match your patterned maxi with a solid colored coat is STRONG – but see what happens when you pair your floral maxi with an animal print coat, a checkered jacket, or something completely unexpected! This combination screams “fun” and “confident,” and oh so “you.”

Photo: Style Du Monde