In my world, the words “rules” and “style” don’t go together. However, there are some “style don’ts” that have been heavily circulated, and I’m here to tell you: please ignore them! You can come up with so many winning outfits by throwing out the common style rules. For evidence to back my claims, I’ve provided cute examples of style wins that directly result from breaking the “rules.”

No Denim On Denim

Why would anyone try to prohibit this delightful combination? Yes, sometimes denim on denim can be a bit matchy matchy, so you can play around with different dyes and textures to avoid this. But, even if your look is a bit too uniform – so what? Make a statement, people!

Gigi Hadid, photo: Getty

Kendrick Lamar, photo: Jemal Countess

Navy Blue and Black Don’t Mix

We respectfully disagree. Navy blue and black are dark shades that can make an elegant combination.

Rami Malek, photo: Getty



Patterns Shouldn’t Clash

With Fall’s animal print trend quickly coming upon us, I say we make it even more fun and mix up the patterns! Zebra and checkers? Tartan and leopard? YES.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Less Is More

Layering is all the rage for Fall, and this year, say hello to inventive ways to layer. Embrace the wacky.

Photo: Getty Images via

No White After Labour Day

Does anyone actually follow this anymore, ever?