The Oscar Nominations have been announced, but of course, our #1 priority is STYLE.

We’ve rounded up our favourite style moments from the Best Actress nominees. (Don’t worry, we’ll be looking at Best Actors next.)

Spoiler alert: they’re all winners in our books.

Sally Hawkins

Her quirky and cute style has us all swooning. This all-red ensemble has a bit of fun, a bit of vintage, and a bit of glamour all thrown in at once. P.S. It’s gray outside, but we’re definitely running out to cop a pair of those sunglasses ASAP.

Sally Hawkins

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Frances McDormand

The three “C’s” of Frances: casual, confident, comfortable. Whatever she rocks, her nonchalant attitude makes us love. Wearing a Levi’s jacket to the Tony Awards is badass in every way.

Frances McDormand Levi's Jacket

Image courtesy of Getty Images via Dlisted

Margot Robbie

The definition of “style icon,” you can’t pin this versatile actor down with a single description. Find her in a frilly, floral maxi on one day, and a punked-out grunge look the very next. There’s no question: whatever she’s wearing, we want it, especially when you can look this amazing at the airport.

Margot Robbie Street Style

Image Via Splash News

Saoirse Ronan

Her style is unconventional with an underlying innocence. We could only wish we could pull off black lipstick with that gorgeous champagne number. Talk about contrast.

Saoirse Ronan Gown

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep – who could compare? She favours neutral colours and classic silhouettes. She always looks stunning in her go-tos: blazers or full-skirted gowns.

Meryl Streep Blue Gown